Story: Oluaka Institute of Technology gets NBTE accreditation!

Oluaka Institute of Technology gets NBTE accreditation!

The Oluaka Institute of Technology was on Tuesday, 8th October 2019 accredited by the National Board for Technical Education to commence its two-year Diploma Programs leading to the award of National Innovation Diploma is the various disciplines:

• Computer Software Engineering
• Computer Hardware Engineering
• Networking and System Security.

It is a piece of great news for us at the Oluaka Institute of Technology. Before getting into the details, before you get overwhelmed with the excitement that we also feel here at the Institute, it is important that we share with you a sneak peek into what this development means.

Why Innovation Diploma?
Simply put, what is Innovation? As defined by Mariam Webster, it means “the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices or methods.” This implies that the Institute will not be running a static curriculum over the years, rather as the Industry grows and new technologies are introduced, the Institute updates her curriculum in other to prepare her student to be fit either to employable roles of the path of Innovative Startups after completion of the program.

Is there any evolution that may make the Industry that the Institute may want to key in to?
While Unix and DOS were the Pre-2000 Operating Systems, Linux, MAC, Windows and of course Android is the Operating Systems we can point to in this dispensation. This is a call that the Operating System Engine has tremendously improved with more features and more securities.

We are even more hopeful that more Innovation will be coming into the ICT Industries in no time from now. Why would an Institute include FORTRAN, COBOL and QBASIC in their curriculum when it is no longer operational in the Industry either as a Low-level or High-Level Programming Language?
Our Team of Experts from the various disciplines with proven success records are always on their toes to ensure that they meet with the Industry Standards at our various departments and delivers the best to our students.

How will the classes be delivered?
As an Institute, we will ensure that students get cognitive understanding of the terms and structures as applicable in the Industry as this will further prepare them to be able to function effectively regardless of what location they find themselves, however, the world is delving more into “What you can do” against “What you know”.
Against this backdrop, it is also one of the Success metrics for the students to be practically sound in all they will be covering – It will be a pure hand-on learning experience for all students so that in the space of the two years, they must all have built a solution to address a challenge in their various communities using the skills acquired.



Where is the location of this programme?

Admin Responses

Owerri, Imo State

Favor Chidiebere

When is the program scheduled to kick off

Admin Responses

Due to the pandemic induced lockdown, which was followed by the #ENDSARS induced lockdown, the program will be commenced as soon as the lockdown/curfew are lifted.

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