Oluaka Developers Program (O.D.P)

The developers training programe focuses on producing a skilled coding workforce to support startups springing up and establish small businesses in the region. The six months program is organized twice a year and effectively combines classroom teaching, participation in executing real-life projects in teams and internships with businesses in the region and beyond. The program also trains students in secondary schools on coding under its TeenCode project.
It is 6 months scholarship that will enable cohorts to learn and receive hands-on training on Web an mobile technology. We provide an additional 3 months internship that gives you real work experience where participants master the professional and technical skills needed to become technology driven entrepreneurs and leaders.

Since the first call for applications in 2018, Oluaka Institute has received over 500 applications and have trained 51 interns on software development. The Interns acquire skills in Web Foundations, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Data Structures and Algorithms after which they Demo a project for final presentation at the end of the 3 months program.

Our ODP Interns

ODP 1.0

The ODP 1.0 Cohorts with the Board Chairman of the Institute (Mr. Innocent Chukwuma) and Some Staff of the Institute

ODP 2.0

Our ODP 2.0 cohort had 70% female Interns and we are committed to training more female leaders in technology.

ODP 3.0

Our ODP 3.0 have the highest number of interns with the percentage of 60% male to 40% female.

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