Improve your chances of getting employed as a developer

Oluaka Developer’s Program is a quarterly Software Development Bootcamp that prepares Tech Enthusiasts to choose between Frontend Development, Backend Development and/or Fullstack Development. Participants in this Bootcamp are generally referred to as Interns.

The Oluaka Developers Program began in 2018, to train young persons (undergrad and graduates alike) on the skills required to become a Software Developers.

During this bootcamp, they learn the basics of Web Development using (HTML, CSS, JS) and then go on to pick up frameworks that will enable them specialize on the required path at the end of the Beginner’s course.

One characteristic that stands out for our intern is our Project Based Approach to assessing their performance and the need to collaborations which is clearly established at the end of Week 6 of the bootcamp.

This ensures that the interns, including those who are joining the classes remotely gets to work together on projects curated to improve their learning. We use GitHub extensively during our classes.

In September of 2021, the last cohort for the year resumed their classes and we are delighted to inform you that after completing the course works, we are ready to look at the products the team have been building since December of 2021. Below are some of the products that are are currently on MVP stage and ready to be demoed this weekend.

  1. Open sourcing Education Assessment for Students
  2. Open sourcing mapping of location using GPS
  3. Building an MOOC platform for local schools
ODP4.0 Demo Invitation.

Meanwhile, we are currently accepting application for qualified candidates who are interested in any of our other courses. You can read more about our other courses in this blog post

To enable full participation of all our interns, this demo will be virtual – meaning that regardless of location, everyone is welcome to share in the joy of the interns. You can register to participate here