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If you’re looking for a way to jumpstart your career, then look no further! Oluaka Institute of Technology offers the best opportunities to take your skills to the next level and start building valuable connections that will help you succeed. Find out how applying can change your life for the better in this article.

Oluaka Institute of Technology is an accredited Institute of Technology by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) in 2019. Aside from its accreditation, the Institute is driven by the need to equip its students with the skills needed to drive Technological Advancement and Innovation not only in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria but also in the country at large.

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Our structure & courses.

Before its accreditation in September of 2019, the Institute launched its Developer’s program – a bi-annual in-house coding Bootcamp that focuses on impacting desirous youth through a journey to becoming Software Developers with the Industries’ best practices. As a result, many of our alumni are currently engaged at various Tech Firm within and outside the shore of the country. They originated from the South East!

Some of our Alumni from the class of 2019.

The alumni from this Developer’s program have participated in Hackathons, Competitions that tested their ability to read and write codes, build scalable products.

Don’t just take our words for it, our graduates work with:

Some employers of our interns

Courses that are currently available for the January cohorts are:

UI/UX Design: A careerfoundry article explains more about who a UI/UX Designer is. Read more about it here Apply to join the next cohort by clicking here

Graphics Design: A Graphic Designer communicates ideas and information through visuals concepts. Primarily using design software, they create compelling visuals that inspire and captivate audiences. Read more here:

Web Development: A Web Developer is responsible for programming code that tells websites how to operate. Web Developers typically specialize in either “front-end” (“client-side”) development or “back-end” (“server-side”) development. Read more here. To apply to join the next cohort, Click here

Computer Appreciation: The very first step in getting into the ICT industry is learning the basics of the usage and various computer application. This course exposes its learners to the basics configuration and operation of the computer system. Click here to apply

Computer Hardware Engineering: Computer hardware engineers help to accelerate new computer technology by creating advancements in computer hardware. They develop computer systems and equipment such as circuit boards, routers, processors, and memory devices. Read more here.

Computer Software Engineering: Computer software engineers apply engineering principles and systematic methods to develop programs and operating data for computers. Read more here.

Network & System Security: Network security is the practice of preventing and protecting against unauthorized intrusion into corporate networks. As a philosophy, it complements endpoint security, which focuses on individual devices; network security instead focuses on how those devices interact, and on the connective tissue between them. Read more here

If you sat for the just concluded UTME, and wish to pursue a career in any of our ND courses, please fill this form to begin and the Admission Office will reach out to you to guide you through the admission processes.