Story: 10 Startups emerge from Heartland Incubation Hub

10 Startups emerge from Heartland Incubation Hub

Heartland Hub as a Partner-hub in the on-going Startup Nigeria event.
Startup Nigeria 2019 is a 3-month program designed to provide Entrepreneurs and individuals in Nigeria who are solving big problems in a new, better, and cheaper way with free entrepreneurship skills training, mentorship, and funding to help them start and grow their businesses. Cross section of the Founders and their Facilitator and Mentor Heartland Hub is a Business Incubation Centre located in Owerri, Imo State. Over the years, we’ve worked so hard and earned our trust in the minds of every persons, startups and seasoned businesses that has encountered us. As part of our ecosystem development goals, we have always ensured that opportunities to scaled for MSME gets to the grassroots especially here in the South-eastern region of Nigeria. One of those opportunities is the Ventures Platform Startup Nigeria N2M equity funding which listed Heartland Incubation Centre as a Partner Hub. In this post I will be sharing with you a detailed exposition into what happened during the exercise – excited right?!

Training session during the Bootcamp in the Hub
It all began with the application processes and Info Sessions and then to the Virtual training, at first, applicants felt it was one of those avenues of just making quick money and didn’t take it so serious, until the deal day for the Pitch interview was announced and some of them realized the need to pay attention to every details if you must succeed as a startup. We had over 500 applicants but the selection process was so detailed that only about 40 startups made it to the Pitch Interview phase of the whole exercise.

The 40 startups that made it to the Interview phase of the exercise all came with beautiful business ideas but the best has to be selected, so we had Top 10 startups proceed to the boot camp stage. During the boot camp, Founders were exposed to the various templates and models to drive their businesses in this 21st century, they learnt that businesses are not meant to be solely around making money – while that is the long term goal, every business should have a problem they are solving. It was a Blended training experience for all the founders as we had Interactive Sessions, games – (why would a business owners be too serious that he can’t have fun), Fireside chats with seasoned mentors in the Industries, Team Bonding, Brain Teasers among various other attractions.
From the bootcamp, we have the following startups, Sachet Honey, Mobile Medical Store, Module X GPS Tracker, EcoTour, The GreenBox Africa, FeedNaija, URIMs Farm, Green Energy Soluz, The Impeccable Private Tutors and Agroproduct Conserve. Just after the last exercise of the Bootcamp
Just after the bootcamp, they are now charged to go into the market and implement all they have learnt during this bootcamp exercise after which an assessment will be done to determine the startups that will be moving to the next phase of the N2M race challenge.
As it is our commitment to ensure that startups who are facing any form of challenge in their businesses overcome this challenge and still scale. The 30 startups that couldn’t make it to the Bootcamp do enjoy Free Business Advisory Sessions in the Hub. The Hub is opened for operations Mondays – Friday and the startups are free to walk in a have a session with our Business Developers on possible way forward on ensuring that their business survives the test of time. Are you curious for a sneak peek into what they do? Hang on and stay glued to this channel.
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